Fret Impact by Urban Radar

Key data metrics and visualizations for cities, regions and towns to: understand local freight traffic, informe public policy decisions & finally improve air quality.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Challenge Area addressed

Sustainable City Logistics

Studying vehicle flows is essential to understand their impact and identify consumption patterns

Everyday, thousands of vehicles hit the road to deliver goods, load shipments, go to work or shopping. These activities creates externalities (congestion, air quality, noise,...) but also tells costumers about their economic way of life.
In order to take informed decisions on land development, reduction of greenhouse gases or access to goods and services, costumers first need to understand vehicle flows.

Urban Radar offers Fret Impact© to provide a unique vision of vehicle flows on a given area. With their IoT ecosystem and data providers, they aggregate and visualize data in a simple way for every urban planner, land manager, economic developer.

Reach out to start answering these questions :
  • How do I plan my territory, taking logistics into account ?
  • Can I reduce logistics externalities (congestion, noise, …) ?
  • How can I support private actors in the ecological transition ?