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Urban Planners, local governments, Cities, Consultancies, Logistics Service Providers



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local governments, Urban Planners, Cities, Consultancies, Logistics Service Providers

Decarbonized and inclusive Cities - Citizen Needs by Urban Radar.

Urban Radar cloud-based software aggregates real-time mobility and infrastructure data into a platform for planners. We provide visualization, analytics and predictive features.

Our platform works with different products. Citizen Needs combines strong urban expertise and data platform technology to create more liveable cities.

The product gives brand new insights to Urban Planners on the proximity of cities’ goods and services to answer core citizens’ needs.

  • Service catchment areas
  • Walkability scores
  • Neighborhood access to essential services

Urban Radar is trusted by the EIT Urban Mobility and urban planners all across Europe to make our cities more liveable, inclusive and safer.

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Value Propositions

The 15 minute-city concept made tangible to ensure walkable cities and meet citizen needs.

  • Enhance territorial equity and sustainability
  • Drive local economic growth
  • Improve liveability


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