Citizen's Needs by Urban Radar

Proximity based urban planning and 15-min city to meet citizen's needs.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Challenge Area addressed

Creating Public Realm

Sustainable City Logistics

Cities are placing proximity based urbanism at the center of their policies to answer citizen’s needs.

To satisfy the needs of city dwellers and to inform local strategies (sustainability, development, mobility plans), the economic development must answer many questions on a daily basis about the proximity of public services, shops and local civic life.
Urban Radar offers Citizen’s Needs© to answer these questions.
Economic development, sustainability and mobility teams now have the tool to diagnose and evaluate the territorial resources composing the municipality.
  • Service catchment areas
  • Walkability scores
  • Neighbourhood access to essential services
Urban Radar is trusted by the EIT Urban Mobility and urban planners all across Europe to make cities more liveable, inclusive and safer.
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