URB-X: Bicycle highways

A modular timber construction system for elevated active mobility infrastructures.

Product Details

Designed for


Mobility service providers



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Urb-x offers a modular smart construction system for elevated bicycle highways. The system is based on prefabricated timber modules. It can be used for any sort of elevated construction in active mobility.


The primary application is for longer cycling lanes that are totally isolated from other traffic lanes, similar to highways but for active mobility rather than for motor vehicles. Longer commutes are appealing to cyclists in part due to bicycle highways along the major axes.


The system can as well be used to generate solutions in difficult infrastructural environments by enabling the construction of elevated segments in an efficient way.


The Urb-x construction system defines a new standard in terms of modularity and systemic integration while being very cost efficient compared to tailormade individual projects.


Geographically, the main area of usage is around cities and to connect different (sub-)urban areas.