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Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure
e-mobility, EV infrastructure, public charging, on-street charging, lamppost charging

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cities, local authorities, municipalites



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Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs)

ubitricity is a member of the Shell Group and a provider and operator of public EV charging solutions. It’s the company’s goal to support both cities and drivers in their switch to e-mobility through dense public charging networks. ubitricity is especially known for converting urban lampposts into charge points. This inexpensive solution enables cities to rapidly expand their charging infrastructure without extensive construction work. Drivers benefit from easy to use charging options close to their homes, especially those without a private parking space.

In the UK, ubitricity operates the largest public charging network with more than 5,000 charge points. ubitricity also launched a standard-compliant lamppost charge point for Germany in October 2021 and will install 200 of them in Berlin in 2022. As part of several joint pilot projects, lamppost charge points from ubitricity can also be used in cities like Dublin, Calais and Bern with further cities all over Europe to follow. 

Value Propositions

ubitricity supports cities with a cost-effective and highly scalable solution to expand their urban public EV charging infrastructure, making it easier for all drivers to switch to e-mobility.

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