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Sustainable City Logistics Pollution Reduction
adas, fuel reduction, speed-advisor, context-awareness, emission reduction, V2X, CCAM

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MinervaS is the university spin-off that offers innovative solutions in the energy and automotive sectors towards the reduction of CO2 and the on-board energy management. The product of MinervaS can be customised for vehicle with any propulsion (conventional, hybrid, electric or fuel cells).

MinervaS provides a suite of integrated solutions for smart & future mobility, from driving advisors (TruckY) to fleet management tools, all tailored to the vehicle and size of the customer's businessTruckY is the ADAS plug&play device capable of increasing the environmental sustainability of heavy-duty vehicles and offering an economic advantage to their operators thanks to its patented method.

TruckY offers a reduction in fuel consumption up to 30% and the containment of the related polluting emissions, without increasing travel times and modifications to the vehicle. 

Less Fuel, More Business - Less Emission, More Planet.

Value Propositions

TruckY is a patented software solution that reduces fuel consumption & emission by 30% in any road vehicle by optimizing in real-time vehicle speed and acceleration based on the environment.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

International patent with extension in EU, USA, Canada, China and Japan, plus 2 more international patent for extra features.

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