TripShift Platform - Automated carbon tracking.

TripShifts' automated data collection provides organisations & businesses a live data feed on their carbon impact, thus enabling them to mitigate emissions, save resources and engage stakeholders.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

TripShift technology platform that makes it easy for companies to track, reduce and report their Scope 3 emissions which includes commuting, business travel and logistics.

The technology understands where you are moving but also how you are moving. We have automated the process making it simple and resource-efficient for both individual users and their employer/organisation.

It facilitates reductions in carbon emissions by identifying hotspots and opportunities to travel more sustainably, supporting the organisation's net zero reduction strategies.

We believe our reporting platform will make carbon accounting with the legislative authorities simple - an automated process combining supporting and verification data into a seamless process.

TripShift meets growing regulatory and stakeholder demands for these emissions to be measured. It aims to provide the vital insights required to support behavioural change and invites organisations and their employees to, quite