Triplesign: Variable Message Sign

Triplesign - The sustainable solution for the future. Solar powered standalone system
• Power consumption: 1 Watt
• Easy installation and control
• Low investment

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Solar-powered sign solution with a focus on safety and sustainability

The climate issue is of increasing importance in today's society. The sustainability demands placed on both private and public actors are increasing rapidly.

In traffic, sustainable solutions are needed for safe traffic flow and in order to prevent traffic accidents.

About Triplesign

An  easy to install Plug & Play-solution that requires no power to expose a message.

Only 1 watt power consumtion 

An expected service life of at least 20 years, consisting of recyclable materials.

Solar cell operation makes a Triplesign independent of power connection.

To install and operate a Triplesign is approximately 90% -70% cheaper than an LED sign.

When to use a Triplesign?

When the number of messages to road users are limited. For example, speed changes, detours, regulating traffic flow or warnings for temporary road works, approaching trains or poor road conditions.

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