TOTT UP: GPS training for bus & coach drivers

Tott up enables drivers to learn routes precisely and be at ease during first days on the job. The tool allows their managers to make short notice staff substitutions and develop quality of service.

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Challenge Area addressed

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Tott up offers an innovative product: the first GPS adapted to bus constraints and the only on the job training solution!

The promise is clear: put drivers at ease on the road.

This is important because the public transport sector is experiencing strong recruitment pressures and drivers shortage, all over Europe; and drivers are expressing the need for very precise support in the field.

Tott up already helps - daily - many operators in Europe... up to New-Zealand actually!

Tott up provides them with a GPS tool which meets their needs:

- helping them to train new drivers;

- ensuring operations continuity.

Tott up is much more than a GPS service. It guides the driver exactly as if the trainer was at his side. Tott up get the know-how of the trainer and reproduces his support. The principle is that the driver can rely 100% on vocal messages he will hear throughout his journey, including: directions, stops, technical manoeuvres, accident-prone areas, advices, information for passengers..