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Charging as a service, Data management, clean parking, clean charging

Product client

Ebike fleet operator, Ebike rental company, E-bike reseller, government, hotel, corporation



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Product end user

Hotel Guest, employee of company, Park+Bike user, Tourist, healthcare profesional

Imagine a world where charging an e-bike is as effortless as parking it. With TILER, that vision is now a reality. Users simply park their e-bike on Charging Tiles, and watch as it inductively charges through the kickstand. Gone are the days of messy cables, forgotten chargers, or uncharged bikes.

  •  With TILER's universal Charging Kickstand, charging starts the moment users park. Just Park. Charge. Go.
  • Tiler understands the challenges faced by businesses. These-bike charge hub enhances users' service offering, ensuring satisfied customers and efficient operations.
  • They specialise in catering to e-bike fleets for corporates, hotels, public sharing, and healthcare organisations. Their goal? To minimise operational costs and maximise fleet uptime.
  • Dubbed the most seamless charging solution globally, TILER is not just a product—it's a revolution.

Elevate the-bike experience and boost the business impact with TILER. Make the switch to the future of e-bike charging now!

Value Propositions

Universal, wireless inductive charging for light electric vehicles. Eco-friendly, autonomous, and a standard-setter. Most seamless charging solution on the planet.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Trademark and two Patents for Europe and the United States of America

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