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Future Mobility Creating Public Realm
Smart City, congestion, data, data platform, digital twin

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cities, city authorities

The aim of the ICP platform is to offer an open-source, neutral platform that enables cities and companies to jointly develop use cases that have a direct impact on a city’s climate and sustainability goals. Data already collected by cities and companies can be integrated, and supplemented with any information that is still required based on concepts from within the partner network.

For this purpose, previously unconnected data sources and services are integrated, creating an open ecosystem of digital services from globally and regionally active companies and cities. The ICP platform becomes a digital hub that functions as a marketplace for company and city services in the urban ecosystem. In addition to the cloud-based platform, MHP offers incubation services as part of the ICP Consulting package. MHP advises cities on use cases, B2B data integration, market analysis, and ICP implementation.

Value Propositions

MHP Intelligent City Performance Platform helps cities and companies to indentify use cases on their way to become smart and liveable cities of the future.

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