TFT100 - electric mobility and heavy machinery GPS tracker

Easily adaptable and versatile e-mobility GPS tracker – TFT100 has a 10-97V power supply range and Manual CAN feature

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Energy

TFT100 – the ultimate e-mobility GPS tracker. This versatile tracking device is used with a wide range of E2W, E3W, and E4Ws as well as e-heavy machinery due to its 10-97V wide voltage support.

How it works - system integrators connect the trackers to each EV in the fleet and configure them according to a customer's needs. The tracker collects multiple real-time metrics, like location, sensor data, ignition on counter, tracker battery level, input/output data, and with the help of Manual CAN functionality – CAN bus data - such as battery level, current, voltage, charge status, fault codes, etc.

The information is transmitted to the tracking platform via a GPRS network. The fleet managers can track each TFT100-equipped unit and gather vital information about its operational status, correct/incorrect usage, location, and other data depending on the use case. This allows for the detection of problems at an early stage, initiates predictive maintenance, and avoids unexpected costs.