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last mile logistics, battery swapping infrastructure, battery-as-a-service, micromobility service provider, sharing fleet battery provider

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sharing fleet providers, last mile logistic companies, micromobility fleet owners, battery-as-a-service for fleets



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last mile logistic companies, Sharing fleet providers, eBike riders, scooter riders, cargo bike riders, eMoped riders

Operators of light electric vehicle fleets need a secure charging infrastructure. Fully charged batteries should be available all times throughout the fleet's operational area. Batteries are an expensive asset with high investment costs. Battery populations must be monitored and managed very well.

Swobbee offers:

  • an infrastructure of decentralised battery swapping stations with 24/7 battery monitoring and safe and gentle charging. Swapping the battery only takes a few seconds!
  • two business models: with Battery-as-a-Service,
  • fleet operators the opportunity to cap the high investment costs and distribute them as operating costs; with Charging-as-a-Service,
  • sharing fleets a central charging solution for swapping operations.

Value Propositions

We offer a decentralised, safe charging solution from a single source. A dashboard and app provides the possibility of managing large battery populations with batteries from different manufacturers.

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