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Active Mobility Sustainable City Logistics Pollution Reduction
Last-mile delivery, Cargo e-bikes, Zero emission, Urban logistics, Quadricycle

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Logistics companies, Retail, Private households



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Couriers, Families

Cities striving for more sustainable modes of transport, both for goods and people.

The creation of sustainable urban mobility systems requires a holistic approach. Cities are seeking to include more and more active modes of transport in their mobility systems to reduce pollution and to improve accessibility. Common 2- or 3-wheel cargo bikes are designed for small-size and low-weight deliveries. They are not necessarily prepared for heavy transports due to lack of power-assistance, robustness and driving stability.

SUM-X: A configurable cargo eBike solution for zero-emission, last-mile logistics

SUM-X is a power-assisted, 4-wheeled cargo bike solution. It´s high maneuverability makes it the ideal solution for last-mile deliveries in urban city centres. Key characteristics of SUM-X are:

  • Multifunctionality: the SUM-X can transport both freight as well as people;
  • Safety: more control on the vehicle through front-wheel drive;
  • Material: the SUM-X has a leight-weight, monocoque carbon frame;
  • Modularity: the SUM-X modular concept allows for fast production and maintenance;
  • Comfort: electric assisted pedalling (60km battery range);

SUM-X can be configured with special equipment such as a temperature-controlled cargo box, front windshield, rain cover or spare wheel.

SUM-X is the ideal baseline platform for customised transport solutions with special requirements (e.g. street food shops or paratransit).

Value Propositions

SUM-X is ONE LESS VAN´s solution for sustainable last mile logistics. SUM-X stands out for easy maneuverability, road safety, load capacity (max. payload 300kg, capacity: 2m3) and zero environmental impact.

Our hybrid, human-electric-powered cargo bikes will free historic centers from traffic, noise and pollution, while improving transportation comfort and safety for couriers and goods.

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