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Creating Public Realm Mobility Infrastructure
Neighbourhoods, Green Mobility, Shared Space, Public Space

Product client

mobility service provider, municipalities, planners



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Product end user

cyclists, citizens, mobility service provider, municipalitites

The street transformations ideate and sketch what future streets may look like if we prioritize green mobility and liveability. Via illustrations, descriptions, images, drawings, and models we use our background as architects and mobility planners to communicate for clients such as micro-mobility companies, municipalities, and planners.


  • Drawing and designing future green scenarios.
  • Identifying the key locations and areas to develop and transform.
  • Helping developers and municipalities integrate green mobility forms into the streetscape.
  • Arranging and facilitating user involvement meetings.
  • Providing necessary documentation for municipal planning approval, tender process, and construction.

Value Propositions

We help municipalities, developers, or mobility providers communicate how to change streets and neighbourhoods and make them more liveable.

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