SET: Street Experiments Tool

SET helps to implement street experiments (quick and low-cost interventions) and develop long-term strategies in cooperation with different stakeholders from a neutral position.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Creating Public Realm

Mobility Infrastructure

Street experiments are an urban planning tool that allow cities to respond quickly, creatively and cost-effectively to mobility and public realm challenges. SET supports cities, organisations, and society to experiment the change they want to see in their streets, offering advice during different phases of a street experiment process, such as planning & design, implementation and evaluation. 

  • Analysis: Analyse the specific local context of the street experiment prior to the start

  • Strategies: Support the client to adapt their city strategies for long-term systemic change

  • Planning: Identify necessary resources, time frames, materials, and stakeholders to be considered

  • Implementation: Activations in public space, tactical urbanism, placemaking

  • Evaluation: Assess the impacts of the experiment

  • Training: Teach cities the theoretical how-to

  • Workshops: tailor made workshops based on SET Guidelines Kit (you can download it from the files section below)