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Active Mobility Creating Public Realm Mobility Infrastructure
Tactical Urbanism, Street Redesign, Public Space, Workshops, Citizen Engagement

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Local Governments, Civil Servants, City Planners, Policy Makers, Private Institutions, Municipalities, Urban Planning & Design Firms



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Local Governments, Civil Servants, City Planners, Policy Makers, Private Institutions, Municipalities, Urban Planning & Design Firms

Street Experiments are becoming an urban planning tool that allow cities to respond quickly, creatively and cost-effectively to mobility and public realm challenges. Such interventions offer citizens possibilities to interact and move around safely, ensure local accessibility to high-quality public spaces, and have positive impacts on the environment, local economy, health and society, thus making cities more sustainable and resilient. 

S.E.T. offers advice to the client during different phases of a street experiment process, such as planning, implementation and evaluation. This guidance responds to the client’s specific needs (e.g. How to start? Which is the best site? Who to contact? How to communicate? etc..) and it is context-sensitive, meaning that the solutions offered will be tailor-made to the client’s local context (street, plaza, park, boulevard, etc) in order to create impact and aim for long-term change. 

Specific services: 
  • Analysis: Analyse the specific local context of the street experiment prior to the start. 
  • Strategies: Based on the lessons learned from street experiments (barriers and drivers), support the client to adapt their city strategies of long-term systemic change. 
  • Planning: Identify necessary resources, time frames, materials, and stakeholders to be considered. 
  • Implementation: Activations in public space, Tactical urbanism, place-making. 
  • Evaluation: Analyse the impacts of the experiment
  • Training: Teach cities the theoretical how-to. 
  • Workshops: tailor made workshops based on our S.E.T. guidelines kit, to help the client to identify a combination of key elements to create a successful and impactful street experiment.
  • E-Learning: Certificate for street experiment experiment experts available on Coursera

Value Propositions

More livable, sustainable and resilient cities require creative solutions. Street experiments are a great tool to address issues in public urban space - beyond traditional ways of planning. S.E.T. helps to implement street experiments (quick and low-cost) and develop long-term strategies in cooperation with different stakeholders from a neutral position. 

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