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Active Mobility Creating Public Realm Accessibility & Inclusivity
data, urban planning, analytics, mapping, cycling & walking

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Bike and Pedestrian data that can be accessed for free by government agencies and anyone involved in active travel planning



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Urban Planners, Data Analysts, GIS Analysts, Transport Planners

With a community of over 100 million people around the world, the Strava dataset is the largest collection of human-powered transport information in the world. Metro aggregates, de-identifies and contextualises this dataset to help make cities better for anyone on foot or on a bike.

We work with urban planners, city governments, national parks and safe-infrastructure advocates to understand mobility patterns, identify opportunities for investment and evaluate the impact of infrastructure changes – all completely free of charge.

Millions of people track their rides, runs and walks to Strava every week with their phone or GPS device. With respect for our community’s privacy, Metro strips this dataset of identifiers and aggregates it. What is left is a vast source of trends and insights.

Strava Metro’s new web platform helps partners explore trends, visualise patterns and draw insights simply and intuitively – no technical experience required.

Value Propositions

Metro is a free tool that aggregates, de-identifies and contextualises Strava data to help make communities better for anyone on foot or on a bike.

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