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Future Mobility Accessibility & Inclusivity
Road Safety, V2X, Traffic Control

Product client

OEM, PTO, Mobility Service Provider, Road operators, Municipalities



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Product end user

Pedestrians, Cyclists, Road User, Micromobility users, Traffic officer

The SpotBeam technology is part of a system that includes detection of connected devices - WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, and V2X, sub-meter accuracy, multimodal alerting techniques for all road users, no necessary app installation, stand-alone solution, preserving people's privacy, simple and quick sensor deployment, not limited by Line of Sight (LOS) visibility conditions, and weather, and versatile insights generator for various verticals. The technology helps make the roads a safer place for walkers, joggers, cyclists, runners, and cars.

Value Propositions

To improve pedestrian's safety and traffic control by leveraging mobile phones and connected devices for passive data collection while preserving people’s privacy.

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