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Sustainable City Logistics Mobility Infrastructure
Smart Parking, vehicle detection, wireless, Internet of Things, interoperability

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Parking operators, cities



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This Smart Parking solution allows municipalities to remotely monitor and control parking facilities, collecting and taking advantage of a full range of parking-related data, such as the number of available lots in a specific area, the duration of each parking and possible abuses (ie. vehicles exceeding time limits, unauthorized parking in disabled spots or in electrical vehicle charging stations, etc.).

The solution fits the needs of off-street and on-street car parking, indoor and outdoor facilities, multi-storey parks (ie. shopping malls, airports, sports stadiums, etc.), time-limited parking lots, electric vehicles charging stations.

Parking data enable a smarter management of existing facilities and the increase of average usage rates. With this solution, urban traffic can be reduced up to 30%.

Value Propositions

The simplest, cost-effective and reliable way to manage car parks from remote

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