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Future Mobility Multimodality
micromobility, carsharing, fleet optimization, Demand Prediction, SaaS

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shared mobility companies, fleet operators, logistic operators



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B2B companies

Smart Kiwi is a SaaS platform that specializes in assisting shared mobility and logistics companies in increasing their revenues and optimising their operations. Leveraging advanced machine learning and geospatial algorithms, Smart Kiwi analyses historical data and predict future demand patterns in real-time. This empowers companies to optimise their fleet utilization, minimise inefficiencies, and achieve significant cost savings. The platform's prediction model has the potential to improve fleet utilization rates by 35% and increase the productivity of in-field riders or agents by up to 20%, ultimately resulting in increased revenues.

Value Propositions

Smart Kiwi optimises fleet distribution by predicting demand through advanced machine learning and geospatial algorithms, allowing them to increase their ridership and optimize costs.

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