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Cities, OEMs, Air Traffic Management Authorities

Air Mobility traffic is growing in urban areas

In recent years, design and development effort for working drones providing services such as deliveries, surveying, environmental protection etc. is rapidly growing. With the number of flight movements and funding for passenger carrying air vehicle manufacturers increasing, the need for enhanced air traffic management and vehicle control services will become inevitable. D3 Technologies, in line with eVTOL (electrical vertical take-off and landing) manufacturer¡s expectation to have commercial operations by 2024, sees the inflection point when demand will become highly visible in the timeframe 2026-2028, with daily eVTOL movements over major metropolitan areas.

Traditional air traffic control service providers are not technologically equipped to manage the lower altitiude airspace. As such, they are not prepared to handle a rapid increase in demand for air traffic services.

Air Mobility Traffic Management needs a Master system

D3’s collective experience indicates that a “master-system” will be required, which will reliably integrate diverse services into a coherent whole in order to achieve overall system reliability. Moreover, layered safety mechanisms are required to ensure uniform behavior of air vehicles across the entire system.

D3’s Urban Air Mobility Traffic Guidance System enables cities to design their airspace

D3 offers a viable solution for managing air traffic that enables cities to have an overview in how their airspace should be governed. This way cities can make sure that benefits from opening up and monetising their urban airspace remain equitable for their residents. Giving cities a say in airspace usage will go a long way toward overcoming a reluctance in adopting this promising opportunity. 

Value Propositions

The urban air mobility of the future needs a reliable traffic management system. The only way to accomplish this is to automate the traffic over our city skies. We at D3 are developing this safe and scalable system that organises air traffic over metropolitan areas and in connecting corridors. We enable metro regions to open up their airspace while safeguarding public interest. 

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