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Introducing Skycharge: Future-Proof Drone Charging Infrastructure


BVLOS drone operations need efficient battery charging. Without charging automation, costly and risky manual drone maintenance is required, especially for large-scale operations. This hampers industries to scale up drone operations especially for inspections, surveillance, and logistics.


Skycharge offers cross-platform and autonomous drone charging stations which eliminate in-field human presence.


Skycharge enables autonomous operation for existing drone fleets.

Future-proof, compatible with any new battery-powered drones.

Skycharge innovations:

Cross-platform charging

Cross-platform docking

Error-tolerant landing pads

Skycharge meets aviation standards and holds patents (e.g., WO2021014311) for recharging various drone batteries outdoors.

Enterprises choose Skycharge for scalable, future-ready BVLOS drone charging.

Value Propositions

Skycharge is building a network of charging stations tailored for commercial drones. Skycharge technology has earned the trust of industry giants like ENEL and major energy infrastructure firms.

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