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Future Mobility Pollution Reduction
Water scarcity, Cleaning service, App-based solution, Social inclusion

Product client

Corporate Mobility Providers, Car Dealerships, Insurance companies, Real Estate Companies, Mobility Service Provider



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Product end user

Citizens, Busy Executives

Sideline offers a platform that lets people book car cleaning services anytime, anywhere, whenever they need. We wash the cars in an eco-friendly way with less than 1 liter water per car instead of 200 liters. 

To use the services, you need to download the Sideline application to your phone, create a profile and select the service you need. Once you book through Sideline, the algorithms sends the closest available car washer. The car washer arrives by bikes to wash your vehicle by using the environmentally friendly products without the need of electricity. This process saves  resources and reduces the carbon footprint.

As a social-inclusive company, we create job opportunities for vulnerable communities by employing refugees. In order to enforce our mission, we build on partnerships with governmental refugee centres and NGOs to support their integration into the labour market.

Value Propositions

Sideline provides mobile eco-friendly car wash services anytime, wherever you are!

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