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Multimodality Accessibility & Inclusivity
Shared Transport, Shuttle Pooling, On-Demand Transport, DRT, Demand Responsive Transport

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Transport companies



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mobility service providers, passenger transport companies, long-distance travellers, airport transfers, DRT Schemes

Shuttle Planet is designed from the ground up with the fundamentals of transportation in mind in order to enable our customers seamless, low-cost, and safe on-demand travel while also increasing vehicle occupancy and transporter profit. Currently, 400+ passenger transport companies all over the world are able to sell transport services and form on-demand transport routes on Shuttle Planet.

The company connects people and businesses to enable vehicle agnostic (from cars, shuttles, buses to self-driving cars and air mobility/drones) shared on-demand travel whenever and wherever, for the lowest price possible.

A demand-responsive buyer pick & double commit hybrid long-distance passenger transport marketplace aggregating scheduled transportation, or if none available aggregating the demand.

Visit www.shuttleplanet.com to find & book or crowdsource & book your shared rides anytime and anywhere.

Value Propositions

Shuttle Planet offers adventure and opportunity through inclusive on-demand shared transportation.

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