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Pollution Reduction
blue economy, circular economy, ocean plastic, river plastic, recycling

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municipalities, regional authorities, sponsors, recyclers



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municipalities, regional authorities, recyclers

SEADS Blue Barriers - Cleaning Rivers, Protecting Oceans!

Join the global fight against plastic pollution with SEADS Blue Barriers. Its patented tech is more than a solution; it's a commitment to cleaner rivers, thriving ecosystems, and sustainable economies.

  •  Effectiveness: Collects 100% of riverine plastic.
  •  Resilience: Withstands floods, ensures consistent performance.
  •  Circular economy: Turns waste into resources, covering costs.
  •  Global recognition: The Economist's Top 10 #OceanChangeMakers.

For Public Administrations:

  •  Protect tourism & fisheries: Safeguard your region's economic pillars.
  •  Create local jobs
  •  Boost recycling rates: Make a lasting impact on your city's sustainability goals.

For Investors:

  • Innovative technology: Patented, proven, globally recognized.
  • Lucrative market: Tap into an $80M addressable market.
  • Global impact: Cleaner environment, healthier communities, economic growth.

Value Propositions

SEADS Blue Barriers - Cleaning rivers, protecting oceans!

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Proprietary patent approved (#WO2019215584A1)

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