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Sustainable City Logistics
Fleet management, Logistics, Sustainability, Public transport, Last-mile

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fleets, fleet management, smart cities, public transport, logistics, last-mile, delivery, trucking



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Drivers, truck drivers, commercial drivers, fleet managers

SafeMode aims to be recognized as the most driver-centric platform globally. Specializing in assisting trucking companies and commercial fleets, driver motivation is increased through a personalised incentive programme based on performance.

Significant benefits have been reported by customers, including a remarkable 30% reduction in accidents, a 5% decrease in fuel costs, and a 15% increase in driver productivity, as depicted in a video testimonial.

What sets SafeMode apart is the incorporation of behavioural science and artificial intelligence. The platform is designed to activate the brain's reward cycle, specifically the dopamine reward pathway. This enables drivers to receive performance-based rewards on a daily basis through the SafeMode app, fostering a habit of safety, efficiency, and on-time delivery.

Value Propositions

Prevent 30% of accidents, lower fuel consumption and emissions by 5% and increase your driver productivity and retention- all with a seamless software solution that drivers love!

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