RoadEO: Road quality monitoring and prediction platform

Data driven road quality monitoring & Predictive road maintenance,
24/7 real-time insights in road quality and future asset maintenance forecasts at the touch of a button.

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Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

RoadEO is developing a global road quality monitoring and prediction platform advising public road authorities and commercial construction firms when and where the next road segment needs to be maintained.

For this the company combines available traffic and environmental information with its own set of novel sensor and data sources such as crowdsourced smartphone measurements, in-vehicle sensors as well as satellite earth observation to create a unique big data pool which is being analysed and interpreted through an artificial intelligence solution.

The provided information helps RoadEO's customers to detect road wear and structural damages alike, cheaper than with specialised vehicles and better than visual bypass assessments, and allows for optimal decision making and maintenance scheduling. This results in maximised road safety, reduced cost of operations and minimised downtime for repair purposes.

RoadEO is a B2B/B2G SaaS platform.