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Sustainable City Logistics Mobility & Energy
city logistics, fleet management, charging optimization, grid stability, cost savings

Product client

Urban logistic companies with e-fleets, EMS solutions providers, Charging solution providers, Utilities, Grid operators, Vehicles OEMs, Chargers OEMs



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Product end user

Citizens (charge at home), Urban logistic companies, Utilities, Delivery companies, Craftsmen, Care-takers companies, EV-fleet owners, Employees

Renewable energy resources are volatile in production and prices. For successfully decarbonizing electricity production and keeping the grid stable, flexible power demand and batteries are needed. EVs provide both. However, most EV owners don’t leverage on this potential, struggling to charge with green energy and low costs.

RiDERgy electrifies and charges fleets efficiently to accelerate EV adoption and 100% renewable electricity, achieving lower costs and less environmental impact for mobility. RiDERgy's SaaS platform offers an optimized charging schedule and dashboard, and steers charging using smart algorithms and flexible APIs to different systems like chargers, vehicles, inverters, meters and dispatching systems. By considering power market, grid, charging infrastructure, local energy system and mobility data, it increases cost savings, help grid stability, and assure vehicles uptime.

Value Propositions

Provide a scalable, flexible API-first software to EV owners and fleets to steer the charging process and achieve the lowest charging costs using grid-friendly green electricity and smart algorithms.

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