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Via offers a reliable and inclusive on-demand ride sharing service, which enables citizens to share a taxi with another passenger. The advanced technology matches riders with the best vehicle in real-time, and routes that taxi in a smart way through the city. Drivers and users are connected both via the app and a central support service.

The taxi sharing service integrates two options:

  • The classic "door-to-door" service;
  • The "corner-to-corner" service, where the riders make a short walk to the pick-up station to optimise the route.

Via makes urban mobility systems smarter and more efficient by matching demand and supply which benefits in particular areas without convenient access to public transport. This has advantages for both, existing taxi service provider can operate on the additional on-demand business model reducing “dead times" in between rides, while passengers benefit from more affordable mobility, as shared fares can be up to 50% cheaper than traditional taxi service fares.

Value Propositions

Taxi-sharing generates socio-economic and environmental benefits: on the one hand, a well-functioning taxi-sharing system implies a decrease in the individual use of vehicles and thus generates less pollution and traffic congestion compared to solo passenger travel; on the other hand, on-demand transit has also great potential to reduce social inequality, as it opens opportunities to people unable to travel before and makes the economic, employment, and cultural centers of cities accessible to remote regions.

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