Remote Sensing Device

The only existing solution to KNOW and CONTROL traffic emissions.A FLEXIBLE, INTEGRABLE solution that connects to traffic control centers, other transport DIGITALIZATION solutions and other SENSORS

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Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

Opus Remote Sensing Device (RSD) is a sensor for remote and automatic measurement of the actual emissions of each individual vehicle under real traffic conditions. We provide the only accredited solution in the world (ISO17025) for this application.

The device remotely measures exhaust emissions from road vehicles as they are driven past the system, casting a narrow and invisible beam of light across the road and through the trailing exhaust. The system also incorporates a videocamera to identify the license plate of the vehicle and link its real emissions.

The system automatically records for each vehicle:

  • Real exhaust emissions: CO, NO, NO2 (NOx), HC, PM2.5 and NH3.
  • Speed and acceleration (and estimates vehicle specific power).
  • Ambient conditions: temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.
  • License plate.

The RSD has plenty of applications, such as:

  • Traffic emissions characterization: thanks to a continuous monitoring across the whole metropolitan area, using mostly portable and semifixed sensors to cover a large territory.
  • High-Emitter identification: finding the worst polluting vehicles circulating in urban areas, enabling public authorities to target only those that cause the biggest problems for air quality.
  • Police enforcement: using the RSD to find in real-time illegally manipulated vehicles.
  • Low-Emission Zones enhancement: extending the control of traffic emissions to all the city and preventing LEZ access to high-emitters. The LEZ impact can be monitored over time.
  • Control of fleets: such as public buses, with a dedicated monitoring. Highly emitting vehicles are identified, repaired and re-meseasured. Emission savings are quantified.

Remote Sensing is a powerful solution that integrates into all other sustainable mobility products and policies. Only what is measured can be improved. Only by measuring traffic emissions these can be effectively reduced.

We are backed by 30 years of proven application around the world. Why wait to control urban traffic emission