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Mobility Infrastructure Pollution Reduction
ev charging, electric vehicles, energy storage

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EV Fleets, Energy Community, Car Sharing Company, Logistics Companies, Road Assistance, Parking, Hotels, Off-road, Car compounds, Events



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Mobility Service Provider, OEM, EV driver

Reefilla: Revolutionizing EV Charging and Energy Storage!

Fillee Portable Charger: Compact, powerful, and eco-friendly, Reefilla's EV mobile charger "Fillee" uses second-life batteries for flexible and sustainable EV charging. 160 km in less than 30 minutes!

Subscribe to Reefilla for charging on terms! Reefilla's flexible plans, from daily to monthly rentals, ensure convenient and accessible EV charging.

This circular model prevents around 5000 tons of CO2 emissions yearly by 2030. Every charge counts towards a cleaner planet.

Ready to drive change? Subscribe to Reefilla, power an EV sustainably, and be part of a movement shaping tomorrow's, today!

Value Propositions

Fillee: second-life (used) battery based mobile charger for EV charging redefined. Portable, sustainable, and flexible – Powering Tomorrow, Today!

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