Rastel.io: Secure bike parking management platform

An access control system that can transform any enclosed space into a smart bike parking room, enabling parking managers to seamlessly manage user access, track usage and incentivize cycling.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details

Designed for

Mobility service providers



Challenge Area addressed

Active Mobility

Costumers step into the future of bike parking with a cutting-edge app-based access control and management system. Traditional RFID cards or keys are eliminated, making way for a seamless access management solution that enhances convenience.

Rastel.io’s app empowers parking managers with real-time control and visibility over their bike parking spaces. Usage can be tracked, access can be managed, insightful reports can be generated, and units can be remotely unlocked during emergencies. This comprehensive platform ensures enhanced security and streamlined operations. The app serves as a catalyst for change, enabling the creation of engaging campaigns that reward active cyclists and promote a healthier and greener urban environment. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement for both cyclists and parking owners.

For costumers ready to take their bike parking to the next level, this solution can transform their existing secure space into a smarter and sustainable solution.