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Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure Pollution Reduction
MaaS, Mobility platform, Charging station, Parking, Micromobility, Kickscooters, Bicycles, App, Personal Mobility Devices, B2B

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Public buildings, Education centres, Sport centres, Public parkings, Office buildings, Shopping malls, Public Facilities, Real Estate Managers



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Cyclists, Kickscooter user, PMD user

Allthough, cars are becoming less polluting, cities still struggle with smog and pollution. The rush for cleaner cars alone will not solve the problems cities are facing. The growth of micro-mobility in cities is unstoppable. 

We identified that buildings and public spaces are not ready to provide an infrastructure that helps Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) owners to move around the city and safely park & charge their vehicles.

Biggest micro-mobility problems:
  • Buildings and public spaces do not have dedicated locations to safely park these types of vehicles.
  • The autonomy of the battery is short and it is necessary to charge it at least once a day. Also, charging systems are not universal.
  • Lack of protection while parking. These vehicles are light and fragile. They need to be sheltered against theft and vandalism.

QOOB is a micro-mobility platform for Personal Mobility Devices (PMD) that combines a charging and parking station with an IoT technology.

QOOB helps to address the challenges of this new mobility by:
  • Protecting vehicles and belongings from possible theft/vandalism.
  • Providing its own universal charging system that allows charging all types of PMD.
  • Offering a wide range of services (for both the building manager and the vehicle owner) through our app. These services address the main needs of micro-mobility vehicles, from parking to remote vehicle repair. Everything from one single operator.

Value Propositions

QOOB provides the ultimate platform to manage micromobility in real estate.

  • Modular Design: Optimised design that can be integrated into any location.
  • Parking & Charging Station: Compatible with all kind of micromobility devices, regardless of its battery and connector.
  • Smart: App available on iOS / Android that offers a wide range of services for micromobiliy users and building managers.
  • Sustainable: We advocate for sustainable mobility solutions for everyone.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Product patented by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office Patent applied for in France, Italy, UK and US

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