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Future Mobility Multimodality
Logistics, Automatic Cargo Delivery, Designed for SAIL II to SAIL IV Operations, Robustness & Reliability, Modularity

Product client

Drone Operators, Delivery Service Providers



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Product end user

Hospitals, Medical Labs, Oil Rig Operators, Vessel Operators, Offshore Logistics, Middle Mile Logistics

PW.Orca is designed from the ground up to fulfill users' needs as a professional logistics provider: the fast, reliable, and cost-effective transportation of customer's goods to places that are hard to reach by traditional means.

With full compliance to the latest EASA drone regulations, PW.Orca has a multitude of safety features such as redundant powertrains, sensors, and actuators, as well as a flight termination system including a parachute. 

Inspired by nature, within a 2.98m wingspan, PW.Orca can carry payloads up to 15kg in its 96 liter payload bay at a cruise speed of 110 km/h. Cargo can be prepared on their modular slide-in pallet, minimizing idle time spent on the ground. PW.Orca's flight and ground control systems are developed fully in-house for simplicity of operation and guaranteed robustness even under adverse operational and environmental conditions. It was designed to meet the demands of all elements.

Value Propositions

PW.Orca allows users to automatically transport cargo through the skies, outpace ground-bound transport, minimize turnaround time, and build a green and sustainable air cargo network.

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