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Sustainable City Logistics Mobility Infrastructure
Last-mile logistics, Construction logistics, Congestion

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City, General Contractors, Buidling materials suppliers

ProperGate is a material-centric online collaboration tool that automates delivery and on-site construction logistics management. By doing so, it eliminates waste of resources and effortlessly coordinates material flow from suppliers to the site. The company also effectively allocates on-site equipment and tracks their usage, becoming the one source of truth about scheduled deliveries and delivered materials.

Traditional construction logistics in urban is uncontrolled, inconsiderate, disruptive, and wasteful. Delivery vehicles often arrive on site underutilized, causing traffic congestion and disrupting local residents. 

The company helps reduce these negative impacts by providing a digital ecosystem of connected construction sites and material suppliers. ProperGate also addresses the entire supply chain and connects it with on-site logistics, taking care of the end-to-end flow of all materials in the context of tasks in the project schedule.

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ProperGate is an innovative solution that helps reduce the negative impacts of construction projects by providing a digital ecosystem of connected construction sites and material suppliers.

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