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Future Mobility Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure
5G, Switch, Connectivity, Parking, Networking, Communication, Edge Infrastructure, Lampposts

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Muncipalities, Road Authorities



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ACiiST Polarity Series of Lamppost Integrated Services Switches build on few decades of the founder’s experience in Networking Chip Design.

The architecture is key enabler of a networking infrastructure for Smart Cities and 5G Backhaul. The small form factor together with outdoor installation ability and the latest switching technology are the foundation of a Smart City Network.

With fully automated redundancy network architecture, enhanced Power over Ethernet (PoE) and LED control, the ACiiST Polarity Series is an ultimate solution that cut installation cost and project overall time. 

Key Advantages:

  • Small Form Factor
  • No “single point of failure”
  • Configurable sub-network per Application/user
  • Automatic Load-Balancing and automatic redundancy

Value Propositions

Empowering cities with edge infrastructure devices for smart road service design - going beyond the basics of urban water, electricity, gas and lighting.

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