PLUG&META: Active Road Safety for infrastructure to prevent traffic accidents

Devices integrated into the road infrastructure that detect, signal and report risk scenarios to road users, administrators and public authorities

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Public Transport Authorities

Public Transport Operators

Mobility service providers




Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

PLUG&META┬« is a worldwide unique technology, patented and entirely developed by Metalesa. 

It is an Active Road Safety innovation that is changing the equipment paradigm. It transforms new or existing infrastructures into intelligent and connected infrastructures. It integrates the prevention and signalling of possible accidents in the face of numerous risk factors into a single device. It provides the infrastructure manager with real-time data and statistics for safer mobility management. It is 100% autonomous and has an energy self-consumption solution.

Active Road Safety in any environment

The information is captured by sensors that warn users with variable signalling and lighting (different colours, intensities, exposure frequencies, etc.) that are integrated into any road equipment (parapets and barriers, crash cushions, wall cladding...), thus being applicable to any environment (roads, viaducts, tunnels, cycle lanes, urban areas, etc.) It warns reports and prevents risky situation.