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Future Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
Road safety, Infrastructure Technology, Risk prevention, Smart roads, Infraestructure

Product client

city council, mobility department, department of urbanism, traffic direction, police department



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Product end user

drivers, pedestrians, citizens, cyclists, council administrator

PLUG&META® technology converts any product into active systems that bring a multitude of benefits to mobility management.

It is a system for the capture, emission and prevention of risk events occurring on the road and in urban areas.

Plug&Meta devices have a modern and safe design that allows them to adapt to any new or existing installation in road infrastructures.

By means of their sensors, Plug&Meta devices capture atmospheric and traffic data, incidents and potential risk situations and alert both the competent authorities and other road users.

All this technology is managed through our Plug&Meta TRACE platform, which allows configuring the operation of the devices and the alerts they issue depending on risk situations.

In addition, it has a real-time statistics section where the user can check any type of metric on the information captured, such as the state of traffic, the roadway, the speed of vehicles or the affluence of a certain stretch of road...

Value Propositions

PLUG&META® technology converts any existing infrastructure into active security systems that bring a multitude of benefits to mobility management.

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