Turning citizen engagement into actionable insights for smarter, more inclusive urban development

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Sustainable City Logistics

Playground's advanced analytics model powers this solution, following participation best practices and generating actionable insights to inform decision-making. What can costumers expect?

Immediacy: Shift from days or weeks of planning and post-processing workshops, surveys, and interviews to just a few hours with Playground team of experts. Costumers don't waste time on manual reports, let Playground handle it.

Quality: Obtain design team and planning permission-ready documents and reports, crafted with reason and meaning behind each sentence. Even the quietest voices are heard.

Integration: Playground's platform can process raw sticky notes, Excel files, and other unstructured documents to streamline costumers' workflow. Playground fits seamlessly into costumers' existing processes, like a Lego brick.

Privacy: Playground prioritizes costumer's security & privacy with robust measures in place to safeguard user data and ensure confidentiality throughout services and AI use