PLATIO solar paver

Solar EV changing station by powered PLATIO Solar Pavers for smart cities, municipalities and sustainable businesses. A real game changer, sustainable solution, that is fully powered by solar energy.

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

PLATIO solar pavement is a walkable, energy-generating green building material. It not only generates clean energy, but the base is made of recycled plastic. In the solar pavers, high-performance solar cells collect the solar energy radiated onto the surface. The solar cells are protected by heavy-duty, anti-slip, scratch, and impact-resistant glass panels. The load-bearing capacity of the walk-on solar

The solar-powered charging system by PLATIO is a compact micromobility solution every city dreams of. PLATIO solar pavers are combined with charging stations to charge electric vehicles (scooters, and bicycles) autonomously with green energy. The energy-generating paver can be combined with any charging station and can be installed in any sufficiently sunny area of the city. The solution makes micromobility sustainable and ensures orderly parking and docking of EVs in both private and public spaces.