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Active Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
Public Transport, Ridepooling, DRT, On-Demand, Bus

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Transport Authorities, Municipalities, Transport Operators, Corporates, Universities, Event Organisers



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Citizens, Visitors, Public Transport Providers, Drivers

The Routing Company ('TRC') partners with public transport authorities, fleet operators, corporates & universities to provide the next generation of sustainable shared transport through the Pingo platform.

Pingo empowers partners to deliver Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) services in whichever operating mode suits the local needs best (point-to-point, hub-to-hub, semi-fixed or fixed-routes). All of these can be combined and operated under one self-configurable platform - which includes a passenger app, driver app and management dashboard.

Pingo is built for public transport, with added features to ensure any DRT service is deeply integrated with the existing network (incl. timely first/last mile trips, journey planning and more).

TRC’s proprietary routing & scheduling algorithm is a game-changer for the long-term sustainability of DRT. This algorithm maximises the potential of any fleet by ensuring trips are efficiently pooled together to ensure high vehicle utilisation. 

Value Propositions

Pingo is the built for public transport. One platform for all users' community's demand-responsive transport needs - delivering flexible, efficient and convenient mobility for all.

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