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Future Mobility Pollution Reduction
Origin and destination, Journeys, Behaviour, Phygital, Congestions, Parking, Streets

Product client

Municipalities, Governments



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Product end user

Government, City manangers, Public Transport authorities, Public Transport Operators, Tourism city service, Events and fairs managers, Police authoritties, Municipality services

Based in a phygital technology of phone detection, capable to generate pseudo-identifiers of each smartphone to know in mass origin-destination of citizens, visitors or tourists. 

This is a component of a larger awarded phygital solution to understand and change the habits and behaviour in large groups at crowded places like transit hubs, streets, events, museums or parks. 

Main real time features are:

  • Volume of unique visitor by location, venue, station
  • Origin and destination of visitors
  • Frequency and itinerary of travellers
  • Occupation by area, square, street, beach, wagon, vehicle New and recurrent visitors, Dwell times by zones
  • Access control and registration of intermodal travellers
  • Crowd detection
  • Travellers profiling, sales opportunities by commercial zones
  • People's movement patterns segmented by urban Area, recurrency, frequency, time, etc..
  • Dwell times, flows
  • Pedestrians vs. travellers (car, bicycle, public transport)

Value Propositions

Awarded phygital solution to know and modify the habits and behaviour in mass at crowdly enviroments such transportation hubs, streets, events, museums and parks.

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