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Future Mobility
public transport, site mobility solutions, autonomous vehicles, autonomous vehicles as a service, MaaS

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site operator, site owner, public authority, transport provider, mobility manager



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elderly, reduced access, employees, public transport users

Only a few mobility providers have captured the value that autonomous  vehicles can offer. Why?

Site assessments. Procurement. Permits and authorisations. Organisations face a long and complicated procedure before an autonomous vehicle drives its first mile.

Companies and authorities must choose:

  1. Invest hundreds of hours of internal capacity to risk a deployment that doesn't deliver
  2. Abandon their ambitions and lose out on future value
  3. Work with Pendel Mobility's to deploy an autonomous vehicle program that delivers and finds the path to future value

Pendel Mobility offers autonomous mobility as an end-to-end service for transport providers, taking them from planning to implementation to future-proofing.

Our mission is to enable organisations to lead the way to a safe, cost-effective autonomous future. We have launched city-first pilots in Barcelona and Hannover and are now expanding across Europe.

Work with us to deploy your autonomous ambitions and become a leader in the future of mobility.

Value Propositions

We offer autonomous transport solutions as a service for public authorities and private sites. Our inclusive service takes you from idea to planning to implementation and future-proofing.

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