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Active Mobility Accessibility & Inclusivity Pollution Reduction
commuter app, carpooling, cycling, transit

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Pave Commute is the simple, science-based commuter app and employee benefit that improves the commute experience while helping employees make more sustainable choices. 

Based on your employees’ needs and preferences the app provides tailored commute recommendations, encouragement, and social support. Show your employees that their efforts are valued and make employee commutes another meaningful part of your corporate sustainability strategy. Pave Commute applies behavioral psychology, AI and engaging design to optimize employee commuting so you can reduce parking demand, traffic and CO2. 

Pave Commute supports employees of any type of organization and in any place. Urban, suburban or rural location; Large or small, private or public sector, we have a plan that works for you. You already have a commuter program and mobility benefits? Pave Commute leverages your bike program, promotes transit subsidies, and boosts shuttle ridership, and it integrates easily with existing benefits.

Value Propositions

Pave Commute helps employees share rides, build sustainable habits, reduce traffic and parking costs, and take the stress out of getting to work.

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