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Future Mobility Sustainable City Logistics
Loading Zones, Delivery Areas, Smart Parking, Last Mile Delivery, Logistics Operators, Sustainable City Logistics

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City Council, Parking Operators, Urban Mobility Departments, Logistic Operators, Urban Freight Department, Cities



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Cities, City Council, Urban Freight Department, Urban Mobility Department, Logistics Operators, Citizens

Parkunload have designed and developed an innovative solution for Digital Loading and Delivery zonesParkunload’s platform regulates variable parking conditions according to location, time of the day, vehicle type and tonnage, and user’s profile. Parking conditions may be also set-up according to the current city context, providing a dynamic management of the kerbside, rather than static.

Parkunload’s patented principle of operation, based on mobile apps and Bluetooth, stands out from complex solutions to regulate, control, and monitor Sustainable and smart loading and delivery zones.

  • Easy to install, scale and transfer. No road works, mains connection or city’s telecom networks.
  • 100% digital solution. Extremely easy to use for smartphones and connected cars.
  • Dynamic parking conditions according to city context: pollution episodes or health emergency.
  • Enabling Low Emissions Zones for urban freight vehicles.
  • Cloud-based SaaS platform. Cost effective solution. High ROI. 

Value Propositions

Parkunload enables the digital transformation of loading and delivery zones to accelerate the shift towards sustainable city logistics, through a dynamic rather than static regulation of the kerbside.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Parkunload is an innovative digital platform based on a patented parking control method in Europe, United States and Canada.

Parkunload is a European trade mark. 

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