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Creating Public Realm
street furniture, public realm, urban design, circular system, urbanisation, urban furniture

Product client

developers, architects, urban designers, placemakers, city planners, landscape architects, urban planners, street furniture distributors



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Product end user

citizens, pedestrians, cyclists, visitors, office staff, students, residents, businesses

Parkly is a movement with a mission – transforming urban spaces into green and vibrant places. Parkly's modular urban furniture acts as a catalyst for rapid city transformations, embracing circular economy principles. With Parkly's multifunctional system, the potential is vast: from parklets and street makeovers to pop-up parks, rooftop terraces, and inviting gathering spots - and more!

The sleek Nordic design, paired with a placemaking approach, proves remarkably effective in revitalising public spaces. Additionally, ParklyCreate, an intuitive 3D builder, offers everyone an effortless means to craft their unique Parkly module set. 

Beyond aesthetics, Parkly's brilliance lies in its circular and smart design, minimising storage, shipping, and handling costs. Built to endure, Pakly's furniture is used by cities, municipalities, real estate companies, and anyone dedicated to enhancing human spaces and infusing nature into urban landscapes.

Step into the new urban era with Parkly!

Value Propositions

Parkly's multifunctional and modular urban furniture helps to rapidly change and reimagine our cities, while pioneering circular economy solutions.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Parkly (TM) Registered trademark in the European Union 

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