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Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure
MaaS, Scooters, PMV, App-based, Docking station

Product client

Companies, Public entities, Public transport authorities



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Product end user

Citizens, Employees

Trap allows to order and park the scooters of the users, whether they are workers or clients, in a safe, easy and comfortable way. A charging station that visually integrates into any space, whether indoors or outdoors, with an urban and modern design that is easy to identify and use.

Technology and clean energy

The new parking for electric scooters is designed to be compatible with renewable energy sources such as walkable photovoltaic floors and solar panels. It has a high-tech and security multi-lock system to provide each parking space with greater protection.

All for sustainable mobility

There are a variety of aids, both state and European, given the potential of VMP users and the expected growth. Public funds to promote and facilitate the use of sustainable personal mobility vehicles, as well as to adapt city infrastructures to these new means of transport.

Value Propositions

Urban infrastructure made for sustainable micro mobility with more than 5M users in 2021.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

IP Patent Spain and EU.

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