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Creating Public Realm Accessibility & Inclusivity
smart parking, accessibility, autonomy, PRM, reduced mobility, inclusive mobility, EU parking card, smart human city

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tourism board, city council, maps provider, GPS navigator, car sharing, car rental companies



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Product end user

people with reduced mobility, people with disabilities, old people, senior people

Park4Dis is a unique online platform dedicated to people with disabilities. The platform supports both users as well as local governments in creating inclusive urban mobility systems.

  • Park4Dis People is an application that offers information about parking spots for persons with reduced mobility (PRM).  The app shows the location of the closest available PRM parking spaces, guides the user to the selected destination, shows the local parking rules and allows the user to report an incidence related to the PRM spot. 
  • Park4Dis Admin offers a set of tools to manage local car parks for PRM users. The developed platform is a patented solution that effectively solves the fraudulent use of the EU parking card, and facilitates inclusive tourism.

Park4Dis is commited to the SDGs of the 2030 agenda by supporting both users and government in achieving more autonomy for people with disabilities and more inclusive urban mobility systems.

Value Propositions

Park4Dis addresses the challenges related to parking for persons with reduced mobility (PRM). Park4Dis gives higher autonomy to its users and supports cities in developing inclusive urban mobility.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Park4Dis® is a trademark.

Park4Dis Admin "Fraud" solution, based on biometry, is in progress to be patented at EU level.

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