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software, fleet management, fleet electrification, last-mile logistics, maintenance

Product client

OEMs, Fleet operators, VaaS, Vehicle providers, Maitenance providers, Fleet service providers, Dealers, Operations managers, Business managers



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OEMs, Fleet operators, VaaS, Vehicle providers, Maintenance providers, Fleet service providers, Dealers, Mechanics, Riders, Hub managers, Head of logistics, Operation managers, Sales/Commercial managers

Effectively managing electric fleets is complex. Papaya solves this by automating processes and generating the insights needed to optimise fleets' performance.

How Papaya works

  • Papaya is a single end-to-end solution to effectively source, manage and optimise electric fleets.
  • The platform offers a communication tool that centralises all data and communications between fleet operators, mechanics, riders, OEMs and all service providers. The platform's interoperability guarantees that all stakeholders and vehicles can be easily plugged in and interact with each other.
  • The platform also includes features to optimise performance such as scheduled maintenance, asset management and work orders.
  • Papaya generates comprehensive analytics helping make data-driven decisions.
  • Finally, our EV marketplace allows fleet operators to easily source vehicles tailored to their needs, while adding complementary services at the point of purchase.

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Value Propositions

A one-stop platform to source, run and manage electric fleets. It connects OEMs, fleet operators and service providers to improve communications and operations, increasing visibility and performance.

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