PANTOhealth: Overhead line predictive maintenance & simulation

Stay on track with PANTOhealth's reliable solutions, enabling directed maintenance actions to prevent costly damages and ensure efficient rail operations with minimal downtime.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Public Transport Operators

Logistics operators




Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Elevate the rail infrastructure management with PANTOhealth's predictive maintenance solution!

PANTOhealth revolutionises railway maintenance by preventing costly mistakes before they escalate. PANTOhealth's comprehensive solution integrates data from diverse sources, enabling real-time analysis and directed maintenance actions.

Unlike reactive approaches, PANTOhealth's proactive solution significantly reduces costs and delays. With their patented Machine Learning core, operators receive detailed guidance for preventive actions, optimising maintenance strategies and minimising downtime.

Join PANTOhealth to prioritise reliability and minimise delays.