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Future Mobility
Enabling autonomy, human autonomy collaboration, remote assistance, teleoperation

Product client

Automotive-grade hardware delivered by leading Tier 1, Teleoperation centres, System Integrators



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Product end user

OEM, AV, fleet operators, smart cities, autonomous vehicle companies

Ottopia offers best in class software for the collaboration of human operators with every type of autonomous vehicles; Ottopia is the only mass deployed remote assistance system to ensure:

  • 100% availabilityA remote human safely solves any challenge that autonomy alone cannot, enabling AVs to go anywhere.
  • Flawless customer experienceBring the missing human touch to autonomy, building customer trust.
  • Time to marketOutsource remote assistance for rapid expansion.

Our 3 offerings:

  • Tele-operationSolve the autonomous vehicle (AV) performance gap. See, hear and provide assistance at scale with remote operators.
  • Tele-supportProvide flawless customer experience for AV users. Human-to-human support with remote representatives.
  • Tele-serviceFix AV technical issues in real-time across the entire fleet. Monitor and deploy updates with remote technicians.

Value Propositions

Ottopia enables OEM and AV makers to commercialize on their autonomous offering based on remote human assistance and teleoperation.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Patents: US20200175744A1; US20200339112A1; US20200219070A1; US20200349844A1; US20210281511A1

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